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Frequently Asked Questions

Group Travel

Q: Who can travel on your group experiences? 
A: Most of our tours will be open to all! We may have a few select departures that are for women and non-binary travelers only, but if that's the case, it will be noted with the trip details. 

Q: Do you have an age limit or typical age range? 

A: Currently our group trips are limited to those 18 and older, or 21 and older if any of the included activities involve alcohol. In the future we may have some departures catered to those who'd like to travel with younger family members. We do not have a set age range or "generation niche" for our tours, because we feel that it limits who can travel together, learn from each other, and create community together. 

Q: Why do use the YouLi booking platform? 
A: YouLi is a great service for both Detailed Journeys & our participants. Once you've booked, you are able to access your invoice, the trip's detailed itinerary, and all of your pre-trip tasks to complete in one space! You can also download their app to use on your mobile device. If you have any trouble using YouLi, please let us know! 

Q: Can I receive a discounted price if I don't plan on participating in all the included activities/meals/days?
A: Our group tours are package prices and have a set cost for all participants. If there are any optional tours that can be added to a package, you are not required to purchase them or participate on them if you so choose. Thank you for understanding! 


Q: Do you include tips in your pricing? 

A: Sometimes, but not always. Please refer to the bulleted list of what is included and what is not included on the pricing page for your departure. The reasons for this are varied, but include: what's included in our contracted rates with providers, ease of group versus individual tipping in a certain situation and cultural practices around tipping in a region. Tips that are not included are still recommended if culturally appropriate in the area you're visiting with us. This is because many people that work in the hospitality industry are not properly compensated for their hard work.

Q: Are transfers from the airport included in your pricing? 

A: This is tour dependent. If transfers are included we will outline this in the trip details. If they are not, we will provide you with information on the best way to get to and from the airport. 

Q: Why are most of your rooms for two travelers?  

A: A big part of our group travel experiences is about building community. We book rooms with two beds not only to help provide a better price point since you're sharing a room, but more importantly so you can get to know your fellow travelers even better!

Q: How do you pair roommates? 

A: Roommates are typically matched first based on gender identity: women with women, men with men, and non-binary travelers wherever they feel best suited. The only time this may be different is if we have two travelers of different genders who both say they prefer to matched with someone who is not the same gender as them, or simply don't care.  If we ever have an odd number of travelers to match, we will always reach out to make sure you're comfortable before pairing roommates that are of different genders. 

Q: If I have been assigned a roommate, can I talk to them before departure?  
A: Yes! Once we have finalized the tour, closer to departure, we will introduce roommates who have been matched so you can get to know each other a bit, as well as discuss things like packing shared items
(i.e. a hairdryer or snacks). 

Q: What do you recommend I do if I'm worried about sharing a room?  

A: First, remember that you're probably not the only one! Second, we suggest all travelers come prepared with items that help them around this, such as ear plugs, book lights, a lightweight towel or robe that you know fits you (because we all know how small those hotel towels are!), and an open mind. We're here to help you pre-trip and onsite around any worries you have, including this. But trust us, this is part of the group travel experience and you may end up with a life-long friend! 

Q: Why do you charge a single supplement? 

A: Most hotels base their room costs on the price of double occupancy. In addition, we are often reducing the number of people attending the trip to allow for a single occupancy room. In this case, we charge a single supplement to account for the total trip cost being spread across less participants. Whenever possible we try to not have single supplement charges because we enjoy solo traveling too! If you are in a shared room and there is no one available to pair you with, you will not be subject to a single supplement. 

Q: May I invite guests to join our included activities or come to my room? 

A: Our group tours are for paying participants only. You're more than welcome to visit with friends & family during your free time! Please do not invite any guests to your room, whether you are a solo traveler or sharing a room. 


Q: Can I add on additional nights to a hotel at the start or end of the tour?  

A: You are absolutely welcome to do this if you'd like more time in a destination. We can provide you with the hotel details so you can book additional nights. Please, keep in mind that our hotels are subject to change at any time - including while onsite - due to a wide array of reasons. Because of this we recommend booking refundable rates and also knowing that you may need to change hotels between your booking and ours. We also cannot guarantee that you will be kept in the same room. 

Q: Do you recommend or require travel insurance?  

A: We highly recommend that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance. There are so many "what ifs" when it comes to travel, and it's better to have the protection and not need it, then need it and not have it.

If you
are traveling with us to a destination where you are not a citizen, we do require the purchase of travel insurance. 

If you are using a credit card to pay for your tour and your travel to and from the tour that has travel insurance coverage, that is eligible for this requirement. Please keep in mind that often health insurance coverage is not included on credit card travel insurance and we recommend that you purchase it in addition. 

Please keep in mind that if you have any pre-existing conditions or want to be eligible for “cancelation for any reason” coverage that you most likely need to purchase a plan within a limited time frame after making your first deposit due to insurance company policies. 


Q: What is the payment schedule for small group tours & getaways? 

A: When registering you pay a $300 non-refundable deposit. Your balance is due 60 days prior to departure. You're also welcome to make partial payments at any time prior to the final due date. 

Q: Can I change my tour to another departure date or destination? 

A: Yes, as long as there is availability on another trip and you are more than 61 days prior to departure. If you are within 60 days of your departure date we can only allow a change if we are able to fill your spot at the same booking price. We cannot guarantee that there will be another departure available for you to change to at any time. If nothing is available, you can choose to be issued a certificate, worth what you have paid so far and good for two years, instead of canceling. 

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my trip? 

A: The cancellation fee schedule for all small group tours and getaways is: 

  • Your booking date - 61 days prior to departure: $300

  • 60 days prior to departure - 35 days prior to departure: 75%

  • 34 days prior to departure - departure date: 100% 

Refunds can take 7-10 days to process. Refunds may be subject to processing/exchange fees.

Q: If I have an issue while onsite, what should I do? 

A: If it involves your roommate, please try to resolve it with them first. If you are concerned about speaking with them or have not been able to resolve it by talking to them, please speak up to your Trip Leader and/or Tour Guide so they can assist you. If you are experiencing an issue with your accommodations, rigors, pacing, etc., please let the Trip Leader and/or Tour Guide know right away so they can work to assist you. We will provide a post-trip survey as well and if you have any feedback or concerns to provide, please don't hesitate to include it on the survey and/or to send it to us via email.



Q: Where can I leave a review of my experience with Detailed Journeys? 

A: We'd love if you would review us on our Google business profile! You can also leave a review on our Facebook page.  

Q: Why do I need to accept the terms & conditions in order to fully register for a group tour or receive travel consulting services? 

A: Our terms and conditions protect both you as the consumer and us as the provider. It's a no-brainer! You can review them at any time right here

Q: I don't remember this charge I am seeing on my bank/credit card statement that I think is associated with Detailed Journeys, how can I check on this? 
A: You can access your invoice on YouLi prior to departure and we recommend you save any receipts for payments made pre-trip or during the tour to Detailed Journeys. If you still have questions after reviewing invoices and/or receipts, please contact us via email so we can assist you in investigating any charges. We're happy to help! 

Q: Where is Detailed Journeys located?  
A: We are a fully remote business, but we operate out of Maine, U.S.A. 

Q: Do you have a phone number I can call?  
A: We can setup a time to call you if you prefer to speak on the phone, but we do not have a number for you to call. If you need to reach us for any reason, please send us an email at

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