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About Us

Meet Our Founder

My name is Kate Bispham and I'm the founder of Detailed Journeys! I've had a strong passion for travel from an early age, finding that it often teaches lessons we don't gain in a classroom while also building life-long community & connections. That passion led me to an international studies degree and the desire to provide those experiences for others.  


I have personally traveled to over 39 countries. Some of my favorite adventures have taken place in Turkey, Slovenia, Scotland, Chile, Croatia, Kenya, Colombia, Italy, and France. 


When it comes to planning travel, my approach has always been to take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most, enjoying yourself! That attention to detail helps me craft unique, well-paced, unforgettable itineraries for our group travel and travel consulting clients! 


Our mission is to create a better overall travel experience for both aspiring and seasoned travelers through our detailed and value-centric approach to trip organization, onsite community building, and unique, creative, fun-filled itineraries.


We strive to have a passionate team crafting unique, adventurous trips and building community that will lead to a loyal base of returning, inspired travelers. We want to create access to travel opportunities through both education and funding. Our goal is that both we and our customers are always learning and growing from our travel experiences.

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  • Passion for travel

  • High-level of quality

  • Show our integrity 

  • Respect & inclusion are a given

  • Adventurous experiences

  • Fun atmosphere

  • Proactive work-ethic

  • Intuitive approach

  • Creative style

  • Thorough organization

  • Continuous learning

  • Value-centric operations

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We Also

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Are actively: 

  • Unpacking our biases

  • Striving to be anti-racist 

  • Working to be an inclusive business at all levels

  • Trying to work with locally-owned businesses whenever possible


  • Housing first model

  • Universal healthcare

  • Immediate & strong action on climate change

  • Reproductive rights

  • Access to education, including accurate history

  • Getting big money out of politics

  • Safe consumption sites

Know that:

  • Black lives matter

  • Love is love

  • Trans women are women

  • Gender is a spectrum

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