Why use a Travel Consultant? The answers are endless, but some of the top reasons my clients have used my services to plan their next trip are: 

  • Lack of time to do it themselves

  • Not sure where to go

  • They're in charge of a group 

  • Inexperience 

  • Gifting my services (i.e. wedding present)

  • Trouble finding the right prices for them

See the services I offer below and contact me to discuss what you're looking for specifically!


$20 per-person each: 

  • Flight searches & deal tracking

  • Custom packing lists

  • Gear research

  • Visa & passport research

  • Destination research (for when you don't know where to go!) on up to three locations

$100 per-person package: 

  • Flight search

  • Accommodation search 

  • Detailed list of activities & recommendations, including Google Map with pinned locations

Prices vary: 

  • Custom-built itineraries 

  • Group trips & retreats

  • Family travel/reunions 


As a Travel Consultant I do not book anything for you, that last step you will do on your end, there will be no exchanging of payment information. Note that rates I quote you can fluctuate without warning and I have no control over them.

My services are non-refundable. If you cancel your travel plans, I am happy to provide you with a letter stating as such to submit with your travel insurance claim if it is covered. (P.S. I always recommend travel insurance.)





"Whenever I start planning a getaway or looking for a flight, the first person I think of is Kate. She is always two steps ahead of me in saving dollars and finding the perfect addition to my itinerary."


"I knew I wanted to go snorkeling during my trip to St. Maarten but didn't know where to look and third party travel sites often charge hidden fees. Kate took the guess work out for me and found the most amazing tour company that was cheaper than a third party site and not even on my radar. She also recommended that we take a catamaran over a motor boat, a tip I would have never thought of!"




"Kate's trips are planned to perfection. She made new places feel like home and strangers feel like family. She never missed a detail during our group trip to New Hampshire, anticipating our every need from the first cheery hello to the final hearty goodbye."



"Kate was amazing at organising a trip that I took to an off-the-beaten-path destination. It was a complex trip, with not a whole lot of precedence on how best to go about it but she killed it."