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While we re-build our website in preparation of launching group tours, here are our Travel Consultation services, which are always available!

​​Why use a Travel Consultant? The answers are endless, but some of the top reasons our clients have used our services to plan their next trip are: 

  • Lack of time to do it themselves

  • Not sure where to go

  • They're in charge of a group 

  • Inexperience 

  • Gifting services (i.e. wedding present)

  • Trouble finding the right prices for them

  • ​Overwhelmed by the options!

How does it work?!

As a Travel Consultant I do not book anything for you, that last step you do on your end! This allows you to utilize miles, credit card points, booking platform membership savings, and also have everything right in your hands! If you need to make a quick itinerary change, for example, or have to figure out new flights due to a delay while in-transit, etc. you have it all right there and accessible! 

See the services I offer below, then contact me to discuss what you're looking for specifically and get started!

$25 per-person each: 

  • Custom packing lists

  • Gear research

  • Visa & passport research

  • Covid-19 travel requirements (including where to test)

$50 per-person each: 

  • Accommodation search 

  • Flight search & fare tracking

  • Destination research (for when you don't know where to go!) on up to three locations

$100 per-person package: 

  • Flight search

  • Accommodation search 

  • List of suggested activities & restaurants, including a Google Map with pins

$200 and up, prices vary due to complexity of trip: 

  • Custom-built day to day itineraries 

Prices vary due to nature of trips: 

  • Group trips & retreats

  • Family travel/reunions

Coming soon:

  • Pre-planned day to day itineraries for purchase! 

These are all *starting* prices and may increase depending on your requests. 

Important information:

  • Please note that rates I quote you can fluctuate without warning and I have no control over them.

  • My services are non-refundable. If you cancel your travel plans, I am happy to provide you with a letter stating as such to submit with your travel insurance claim if it is covered (P.S. I always recommend travel insurance.)​. 

  • Covid-19 entry requirements are constantly changing and clients must also keep a watchful eye on them as they near departure, during transit, and while traveling. I will do my best to watch them pre-departure for you, but I cannot guarantee that I will catch every update.

Looking to supplement the services we provide?! Here are our recommended travel-planning tools: 

Guest Blogs featuring our founder, Kate Bispham: 

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